How does it work?

Think of a rope …

  • Encapsulates full Layer 2 traffic
  • Splices the data and encrypts it
  • Transmit over multiple streams of data to build resistance and security
  • Re-assemble at the other end
  • Manage process with AI / ML

As seen in


We’re the only provider to overcome the industry-recognised technical hurdle of ‘Local Area Network’ over ‘Wide Area Network’. In essence, this means we can connect devices across the globe in a manner that’s as secure as directly connected devices in the same room.


Unrivalled speeds and uptime across any network type.

(Internet, 4G/5G, satellite – any wireless technology)


The first protocol to secure the device and not just the connection.

Avoid the endpoint attacks that affected 68%* of companies in 2020.


Quickly scale to support millions of devices concurrently.

We’re the most cost-effective and safest way to scale your connected ecosystem.



The iQuila Network Engine is a software-defined network (SDN) overlay.

It seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and requires little management or configuration.

Always-on connection | Carry full 802.1Q VLANs | Onsite & remote updates at once | Protect every device at all times | Remote files and folders with on-site security | Ether-port manipulation | Packet filtering and omnidirectional data transfer.

Available as hardware, software or virtual appliances


Designed to operate at chip level, VEN makes it straightforward to integrate into edge devices. Gain greater visibility, control and security.

  • Deliver seamless multi-provider ecosystems
  • Fully secure both edge devices and edge connection
  • Passing any protocol/opening development path


Dynamically navigate between 4G, 5G, radio and satellite carriers. VEN’s ability to leverage multiple streams of data ensures reliability and resilience of connections.

  • Secure connectivity from vehicle-to- vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure.
  • Real-time data transmission at high speeds and altitudes (in-flight)
  • Always-on telematics data transfer

Game-changing Technology

Our proprietary approach removes the bottlenecks of every old and new networking alternative:

  • We’re the answer to 76% of corporate network attacks.
  • We’re the first to fulfil the latest autonomous vehicle regulations (UN155, ISO 21434).
  • We fix the critical communication challenges faced by armed forces in challenging environments.

Unrivalled uptime and speed with Multi-bit Splicing

Our unique algorithmic approach slices your data into efficient, compact packages that can be sent securely across multiple connections at the same time.

Multi-bit splicing allows an always-on connection across any internet carrier including 4G/5G and satellite – even when travelling at speed or with poor connectivity.

The first direct connection across any open network with our pathfinding AI, VEN.

Our pathfinding AI, VEN, places a waypoint on every connected device wherever it is in the world – milliseconds before data is sent.

As well as directing your spliced data via the most efficient route, VEN repackages the multi-bits and fixes errors. We’ve created the first adjacent node connection across the internet.

iQuila’s unparalleled Control and Security

We’re quantifiably the most secure approach to connecting distributed devices.

Our multi-bit splicing and pathfinding AI (VEN) allows you to pass any protocol with unparalleled security and efficiency.

Push security patches, permissions, new features… without reliance on end-user action.

The Unique iQuila VEN Protocol is a fundamental leap forward in securing and simplifying real-time data transmission between distributed devices.

TLS Military grade encryption and RSA certificate authentication

Industry first adjacent node connection over the internet

Supports multiple TCP streams per connection

Secure the device and not just the connection

Supports 802.1Q VLANs

Integrates into AWS, Azure, G Cloud and many more

How it works

There are four fundamental and recognised issues of every alternative ‘secure’ network solution

Case Studies

  • The Hollins School

    The Hollins School

    Lancashire School Keeps Students Safe with Unique AI-based Virtual Network Enabling School-Filtered Internet Access at Home The Hollins, Accrington pioneers remote online security Cardiff, UK – Students at The Hollins secondary school in Accrington, Lancashire, are the first to benefit from a new software solution which allows the school to extend its strict Internet filters…

  • Edenstone


    Building the future of remote working: Edenstone Homes talks about using iQuila With nearly 70 remote devices and multiple sites across the UK to bring together, the Edenstone Group needed a remote working solution to suit a modern, growing construction company.The group were one of the first organizations in the UK to adopt iQuila in…

  • Cultech


    Supporting innovation in the supplements sector Cultech Limited is known as a global innovator in the field of nutritional supplements, so, when it came to its IT, the company wanted the very latest new technology to guarantee the best connectivity, and a future-proof approach, for its business.Cultech has been using iQuila for over three years, upgrading…

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