iQuila Cloud Service

The very basic service an Accountancy / Legal company needs is secure access for mobile users such as staff working at a client’s office or presenting to a client’s officers. The iQuila Hosted Cloud Service enables a secure encrypted Layer 2 connection to the company servers and allows all the network security provisions to be applied to the remote device.
The iQuila Hosted Cloud platform is an affordable and flexible option for remote and home working for even the smallest accountancy company ensuring safe reliable and trouble free communications. This service can also be used to connect small offices with encrypted Layer 2 connection across standard internet lines using the iQuila bridge device. (link here to bridge device)

Larger companies would benefit from the many advantages available when using the iQuila enterprise systems such as Layer 2 inter-office connections at speeds of up to 1Gb, always on immediate disaster recovery , totally secure home office environment for both data & VoIP & secure company mobile phones and pads.

iQuila Enterprise

The iQuila Enterprise server solution can deliver full Layer 2 connections across any internet line at speeds of up to 1GB,

Geologically distributed branches are isolated as networks by default. iQuila server lays virtual Ethernet cables between all your branches. Then all computers in all the branches are connected to the single LAN segment.

On each site iQuila Enterprise software can define a Virtual Hub, and connect between the Virtual Hub and the physical Ethernet segment with Local Layer 2 Bridge function. To exploit this mechanism you can bind two or more remote-distributed physical Ethernet segments to the single united Ethernet segment.

It is like laying a very-long distance Ethernet cable across the world. However, building and keeping a distance Ethernet cable would be ultra-expensive, iQuila Enterprise creates a virtual network cable over standard internet connections regardless of geographical location without the need for any additional equipment.

Secure Home Office

In the high pressure world today with increased travelling times and parental leave there is a requirement for a more flexible, home based workforce. In accountancy and legal practices the data that needs to be accessed can be highly sensitive and a company needs to know who is accessing that data and how. This cannot easily be monitored using legacy applications for home-based working but because iQuila stretches your LAN from head office to a device anywhere in the world, all the protections you have available to you to protect end-point devices at head office are extended over the VEN (Virtual Extended Network) for remote workers making these devices as secure as if they were plugged into a LAN port at head office.

Because the connection is Layer 2 the connected devices are now subject to company Active Directory security protocols and are, in effect, part of the company LAN. Further security measures can be enforced such as Certificate-based authorisation and device recognition using MAC address to ensure only specified devices connect to the system.

The iQuila enterprise server in conjunction with the iQuila enterprise bridge unit will ensure that the home office environment has secure access to necessary data and that the VoIP telephone is an extension on the company exchange.

Mobile Phone Application

The company mobile phone is a vital tool in todays fast paced and data intense environment but it is also a risk. Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks and Rogue AP`s are all too common but the iQuila Mobile App can secure your company phones and allow them access to required company data.

The mobile app ensures the phone only has access through an encrypted connection to the company and internet access which is via the company’s internet which is secure and filtered ensuring all communications are secure and controlled.

Always On Disaster Recovery

By using iQuila Enterprise Data services can be maintained even when primary virtual/physical servers go offline. The unique iQuila Protocol ensures all physical and virtual servers are on the same IP segment and so if the primary servers fail the redundant disaster recovery servers can take over immediately and automatically, without any loss of service because the layer.

2 connectivity ensures they are on the same IP segment. Additionally, Servers and Data Centres around the world can be set to have “always-on” disaster recovery, ensuring uninterrupted service for corporations.

Speak to us before commiting to costly connection technologies like SD-WAN.