iQuila in the Construction Industry

Whilst not its core business, the construction industry greatly benefits from the effective use of technology When construction companies embrace cutting-edge technology it not only delivers cost benefits but also improves their service to customers as well as delivering projects more quickly.

It is widely accepted that specialised technology will be the differentiator defining which companies are the most successful in the construction industry.

One of the biggest problems associated with access to technology in the construction industry is connectivity. Having the ability to connect construction sites, whether this be road working, industrial building works or residential developments, is a problem that can be solved by iQuila.

By using iQuila, all construction sites, services and assets can be connected on Layer 2 giving your headquarters full and centralised control of all IT equipment as well as providing the sites with fully encrypted access to necessary head office systems regardless of global location.

The flexible nature of iQuila will allow for rapid deployment of connectivity solutions for construction purposes without the need for physical infrastructure. You can connect your construction teams over any type of Internet connection wherever they are in the world.

Often, it’s not possible to connect construction sites with telecom internet lines but this is not a problem for iQuila-enabled organisations that can utilise inbuilt 3G/4G/5G connectivity to establish a Layer 2 connection back to headquarter servers, keeping your head office and your construction teams connected at all times.