Government bodies are under increasing pressure to deliver services with significant budget reductions. iQuila is a technology that can replace several existing/legacy products, including existing connectivity products, at a significant up-front cost reduction as well as helping to reduce the burden on IT support teams leading to lower operational costs.

iQuila has the scope to reduce data breaches to a minimum by allowing for “dumb terminal” functionality. By installing an iQuila bridge in both office and home locations, a worker can travel between work and home carrying a data free laptop but have full access to services when connected at either location. If the laptop is left on the train, there is no data breach as the device itself carries no sensitive information.

iQuila allows for segmentation. For example, iQuila can be used to connect various council services whilst hosting of the applications for these is done centrally. Each service has access to the information the council policies allow it to access but all the applications are hosted centrally for reporting/governance purposes.

It also means that there is a reduced need for on-site infrastructure within many government services as iQuila only needs an Internet connection to allow for a service to be connected to the central network. This gives the potential for cost savings that this allows.