Healthcare is a highly segmented industry with GPs, pharmacies, hospitals, health boards and central administrative centres, as well as connections to local and central government.

iQuila is a solution that would operate very well within this segment.

At its most basic level iQuila would allow an on-call GP fully encrypted access to surgery systems/medical records over any Internet connection, including unsecured wi-fi or mobile networks, allowing instant access to patient data in any location.

iQuila will allow for Layer 2 point-to-point connectivity, even to sites which cannot be connected through MPLS/Ethernet lines, whether this be pop-up clinics or rural surgery/hospital locations.

iQuila allows for segmentation. For example, iQuila can be used to connect various healthcare services whilst hosting of the applications for these is done centrally. Each service has access to the information the Department of Health policies allow it to access but all the applications are hosted centrally for reporting/governance purposes.

Using the iQuila Enterprise Server, data centres, public cloud, offices and branches can all be connected at Layer 2 (data layer) regardless of geographical location.