iQuila Enterprise has been developed for large scale environments and is ideal for hosting environments.

The unique iQuila protocol has been designed for full clustering and can handle large scale loads.
iQuila Enterprise supports 64 iQuila Enterprise servers in a single cluster and can support 1024 clusters in a single environment.
Hosting providers can easily create Layer 2 connections across any Internet connection direct to their data centre from their clients’ offices, enabling a single network segment from the data centre to the client. This also enables the simple cloning of client servers with minimal down time to the client.
A client PC can be left fully joined to the company’s domain allowing full windows domain login in the same way as if the servers where located in the clients’ office.

iQuila supports full Layer 2 with speeds of up to 1GB throughput, the unique iQuila protocol is designed to send and receive data over TCP Port 443 avoiding any complex configurations to firewalls.