Successful manufacturing organisations require the passing of information in real-time between various functions, often at separate sites.

By utilising an iQuila connection manufacturing organisations can link all their sites, plants and facilities to their head office, using a Layer 2 connection, without the need for MPLS lines. This will also allow for a manufacturing organisation to centralise some functions and systems which they may not ordinarily be able to do without having prohibitively expensive physical connections.

Manufacturing organisations that have round the clock production facilities may need to have 24/7 on call support for their manufacturing systems. With iQuila, remote workers can support the systems from their home by leveraging the functionality of the iQuila Bridge. By having a remote device plugged into the iQuila bridge a Systems Support Analyst can access the same resources they would have being on site. Any system disruption can be minimised by the required support being provided from a worker’s home location, in less time than a site visit, at any time, day or night.

Manufacturing organisations invariably have a host of suppliers. With iQuila, a manufacturing organisation can segment its connections to provide a real-time encrypted Layer 2 data link between its own systems and those of key supplier. This may allow for better integration of systems, faster and easier self-billing or even real time stock replenishment.