In the hostile environment of the battlefield, communication has always played a pivotal role. And now, with the complexity of 21st-century warfare, it will prove to be even more critical. A soldier in a hostile environment needs to know where his or her friends are, and where potential threats are. Operatives need to be able to send and receive the type of data they want, when they need it, to enhance their situational awareness.

One of the major challenges they face is how to enable the different technologies used by the military to operate seamlessly. Large amounts of information must flow back and forth securely over thousands of miles without interruption and without bottlenecks.

iQuila has been developed to be totally secure using the latest double military grade encryption, encryption tunnelling support and interception protection, iQuila can deliver secure full Layer 2 connectivity direct to the battle field using the highest security but with easy deployment.

iQuila Enterprise enables troops on the move or on remote locations to have secure Layer 2 connections back to headquarters enabling full real-time data processing direct from the battlefield.

Because of way the iQuila protocol has been developed, any device with the iQuila software installed/embedded will utilise any connection possible (bearer of choice), whether it be mobile networks, Wi-Fi, satellite, radio technologies or physical connections, to maintain the end user’s connection and without the loss of services.

iQuila will allow soldiers in the field to direct and share crucial information being fed from unmanned air and ground vehicles (UAVs/UAGs) and other sources via any device.

With iQuila, armed forces in the field will know more than ever before and be able to share this information easily. Any commander with a laptop or any soldier with an iQuila-enabled device will be able instantly to see the mission and data feed sent by UAVs or UGVs and understand where threats are.