Within all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry, from exploration and extraction to refining and transportation there needs to be efficient, robust and often flexible communications and connectivity solutions.

By using iQuila all an Oil & Gas company’s sites, services and assets, including challenging offshore environments and shipping fleets can be connected on Layer 2 giving Headquarters full and centralised control of all the IT equipment and systems wherever they are in the world.

The flexible nature of iQuila will allow for rapid deployment of connectivity systems for exploration purposes without the need for physical infrastructure. You can connect your exploratory teams, wherever they are in the world, using any Internet connection. iQuila achieves this in a way that no other provider can. Because of the nature of the technology, any device with the iQuila software installed will utilise any connection possible (bearer of choice), whether it be mobile networks, Wi-Fi, satellite, radio technologies or physical connections, to establish and maintain the connection.

iQuila supports:

  • VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)
  • Satellite systems, Maritime Mobile Satellite Service MMSS
  • Next generation Cospas‐Sarsat system
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) in maritime via satellite