With the varied patterns and fast pace of consumer buying, the Retail sector is highly complex. Online purchasing can be accurately monitored, but for traditional retail to benefit from intra-store stock rotation and meet customer demands, they require high speed, reliable connectivity.

iQuila offers high speed, always-on connections and can be deployed without specific infrastructure or dedicated Internet lines. This means it can be used to link any store regardless of location or size.

By connecting all sites/branches with Head Office with iQuila it will allow the EPOS technology in store to continuously communicate with the head office Stock Management system to advise of stock levels for store and the head office system will know, in real-time, when stock needs replenishing. In addition, each store would be able to have a real-time view of stock in other stores to point customers in the direction of a local store with relevant stock.

If, for any reason, the physical connection to a retail store/branch goes down, with iQuila, that store can continue operating as normal by switching the connection to either mobile data or a failover line. Because iQuila operates on the same IP segment, there will be no loss of service and stores can continue trading as normal.

Additionally, traditional bricks-and-mortar stores need to find ways of tempting online shoppers back into their stores and doing so requires innovative retail solutions. Consumer expectations in this digital age means that the physical products on display are linked to their world, and they want to receive personalized, high-quality advice and assistance. Salespeople need to interact with customers in a smart, informed manner using PCs, tablets or phones to provide up to date data in real time.

iQuila's lightweight mobile solution can be deployed to any device and provide always connected, high speed, Layer 2 connections to anywhere that has an Internet connection.