In many locations globally it is not feasible to have physical telecommunications infrastructure. With this being the case, providing genuine Layer 2 connections to many global locations is simply not done and offices and workers in these regions must suffer with poor connectivity, often via unreliable VPN, to access company resources.

By working with iQuila, and utilising the revolutionary functionality of the iQuila Enterprise server, Telcoms companies can now deliver genuine Layer 2 connections over any existing Internet connections or mobile network. Telecoms organisations can essentially provide the same connectivity provided by an MPLS line without having an MPLS line.

iQuila Enterprise can simply create overlay networks (Virtual Extended Network – VEN) that can be centrally controlled ensuring complete enforcement and network security.

The unique iQuila Protocol is responsible for securing communications between VEN clients and VEN servers. iQuila establishes a direct, encrypted tunnel between the two points, ensuring complete data privacy and security.

The iQuila Protocol was designed to be clustered. Unlike existing VPN technologies, the iQuila cluster functionality can be easily configured to support seemingly complex networks with millions of connections and all this can be managed from a central location.

The unique way the iQuila protocol has been designed allows secure connections up to 1GB throughput per network Hub.