Organisations with a large field-based contingent need real-time access to their workforce and, in equal measure, the remote workforce need effortless access to the systems they need to complete their roles effectively.

With iQuila installed on mobile/handheld devices, companies can have full visibility and control over these devices, and the field-based worker will have a completely secure connection to their required head office resources over any Internet connection, even a customer’s Wi-Fi.

By installing iQuila, any lost devices can be remotely disconnected from the network immediately.

Any field-based worker with an iQuila-enabled device will be able to have complete, “always-on” access to head office resources regardless of their physical location or the connection used. This means that an engineer attending a call-out to a remote location with poor mobile network coverage can utilise a customer’s wi-fi, completely securely, to instantly access the resources they need.