Extend your Office Network to the iQuila Cloud

iQuila Office Bridge is a simple way of connecting your entire office up to the iQuila Cloud. Simply plug in the iQuila Office Bridge to your office network and it will create a Layer 2 extended network to the iQuila cloud. Clients logging on to the iQuila Cloud can have access to any IP addressed device located on the office network.

External clients’ access to the iQuila Cloud can utilize the benefits of the Virtual Extended Network (VEN) by sitting on the same subnet as your office, receiving DHCP requests via your own office DHCP server, allowing easy access to the company Windows NT domain and access to other devices on your network.

This allows easy management of all of your remote workstations / laptops no matter their location. With the iQuila Office Bridge you can easily access services such as company apps or VoIP from within your office without having to negotiate complex firewall rules.