iQuila Client for Windows

iQuila Client for Windows connects your Windows device to the iQuila Cloud or iQuila Enterprise server using the unique iQuila Protocol.

iQuila Client for Windows streams multiple TCP connection to the servers for speed and reliability, reducing latency and stabilising your Internet connection.

iQuila Client for Windows can achieve speeds of up to 1GB throughput.

How does it work?

When iQuila Client for Windows is installed a virtual network adaptor is created on your system.

This virtual network adaptor is driven by the Kernel mode drivers which load into the system as it boots past Kernel mode.

Once the drivers load, the iQuila software establishes a connection to the iQuila Cloud or iQuila Enterprise server on the operating system before boot-up and prior to login prompt.

At this point (before boot-up and prior to login prompt), the device will receive its group policy updates and Active Directory security settings. When the user logs on, regardless of location, it will log directly onto the Windows domain controller.

iQuila Client for Windows creates a secure encrypted Layer 2 connection from the device to the iQuila Enterprise Server or iQuila Cloud.

This enables you to force all device data traffic through your corporate network where you can effectively route, restrict and monitor the traffic using your existing corporate Internet filtering policies.