The iQuila E320S bridge unit is a small robust unit, which can be used in conjunction with the iQuila Enterprise Server in a number of configurations to provide diverse customer requirements. Connect offices :- the bridge unit is used in conjunction with the iQuila enterprise server to seamlessly connect the head office at Layer 2 to the branch office enabling end to end security and fully encrypted data flow which is all centrally controlled. Secure Home Office :- Securing your endpoints:- In our always on interconnected 24/7 world it is inevitable that people need to work from home and Total security can be achieved using the iQuila enterprise server in conjunction with the iQuila bridge unit to provide secure encrypted voice and data services. The bridge unit has access to the company servers through the enterprise unit and it is now possible to plug both a computer / laptop and a company VOIP telephone into the bridge unit to give a secure connection for both data and voice. Further security measures can be enforced such as certificate and Mac Address.

The iQuila E330W bridge unit is also able to connect wirelessly to any available wireless network. This can be very useful if it is not possible to have a hard wired Ethernet available in the location. For instance a home office which is some distance from the wireless router and is not Ethernet hard wired. The connection from the bridge unit through the wireless connection is fully encrypted Layer 2 and will segregate this traffic from the normal wireless traffic providing a fully encrypted secure circuit.

The iQuila E340C bridge unit has the ability to incorporate a sim card and connect using 3G or 4G. This uniquely versatile bridge unit can be used as a hard-wired bridge unit with the ability to revert to 3G or 4G if the standard internet connection is lost. This is particularly relevant where business would be interrupted if the internet were lost such as retail or finance. A major outlet for these units is construction where no internet is available to a site the bridge unit can use the mobile network to provide secure encrypted voice and data to the site.