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Cultech Limited is known as a global innovator in the field of nutritional supplements, so, when it came to its IT, the company wanted the very latest new technology to guarantee the best connectivity, and a future-proof approach, for its business.Cultech has been using iQuila for over three years, upgrading every year to make the most of new features as they launch and to gain even faster connections as its business grows.


Why iQuila?

Rob Fell, Cultech’s IT Manager, said: “We currently have nine buildings spread over our site in Port Talbot and nearly 300 employees. It’s vital for us as a business to have excellent connectivity between all buildings and staff. Our business thrives on fast, efficient communication and collaboration between different parts of the business. iQuila has transformed the way our business operates. Its innovation supports ours.” 

“The speed and quality of connectivity that iQuila gives us is unrivalled and allows us to share information in real time, wherever we are on site. Anything can be accessed anywhere, from any building. This is especially important for us with Sage and SharePoint.” 

“We have seen a huge boost in productivity since we installed iQuila. It has become part of our business. Like the best innovations, it is very simple and works effortlessly. It just runs smoothly and efficiently in the background, keeping us connected at all times, ensuring we have everything we need in an instant.” 

Established in 1994, Cultech is internationally recognised as both an innovator and premium quality manufacturer within the nutritional supplement industry.

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