DTX Europe, Excel Conference Centre, London

DTX Europe
DTX Europe

iQuila recently exhibited at DTX Europe. We love events like this, as it gives us an opportunity to meet new people and share what we’re doing at iQuila. Here is a quote from our CEO and founder, David Sweet:

Given the time of year we chose a Halloween theme, and had tombstones with RIP VPN, RIP MPLS and RIP SD-WAN.  It was both engaging and provocative. A few people just thought the booth “looked cool”, the majority were curious and wanted to know more. The main interest was in SD-WAN.  The prevailing opinion is that it is cumbersome, doesn’t work very well, and in some cases doesn’t work at all. More saliently resellers don’t like selling SD-WAN as there is little or no room for profit.   MPLS is less of an issue in the UK as we’re a relatively small island, but we know the costs of MPLS are significantly higher in the US. This is borne out by our experience with the University of North Carolina. VPN is VPN. No-one likes it. People want to replace it as part of a wider solution.

David Sweet, CEO and Founder of iQuila

If you would like to know more about iQuila and how it can help your business, please email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 2920 602170.

Back to the Future

We weren’t the only exciting booth. There were a few F1 cars, lots of arcade games, an ice cream cart (thanks, it was delicious!), to name just a few. Our favourite had to be the DeLorean car, made famous by the Back to the Future film franchises. Whatever happened to hoverboards? We feel short changed.

DeLorean car, exhibited at DTX Europe
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