Building the future of remote working: Edenstone Homes talks about using iQuila

With nearly 70 remote devices and multiple sites across the UK to bring together, the Edenstone Group needed a remote working solution to suit a modern, growing construction company.The group were one of the first organizations in the UK to adopt iQuila in 2018 and, despite doubling in size since, the Edenstone Group has found iQuila has continued to evolve with it, providing an easy to use, fast and flexible way to connect all its devices and increasing locations securely as it grew.


Why iQuila?

“iQuila has completely transformed the way we operate as a business,” said James Kathrens, senior development manager at Edenstone Homes. “You really do not need any IT knowledge or finesse to use iQuila, and the impact it has on your business is instant. “It makes everything more simple, more time efficient and smooth-running. There is no ‘logging in’, as remote workers are always connected, wherever they are. It is exactly like they are in the office, with instant access to anything as soon as they open their laptop. There is no worrying about bad broadband connections, no double filing and less sleep lost over end point security on the devices themselves. It’s all covered. “When we first had iQuila installed, we were a small business of 12 people. We now employ 120 people over multiple locations with 68 remote devices to connect. iQuila has always been incredibly responsive to our changing needs and has always risen to any challenge. “We are a fast-paced business and our staff could be at multiple sites in just one day, including different building sites, their homes, cafes and even on trains. The connection never fails. They simply open their device and they are already in the office. It’s improved productivity and made staying connected as a team effortless. “It is definitely the future of business networking and remote working. We’ve used it every day for four years and we’ve recently renewed our contract because we know that nobody else can offer what iQuila can.” 

Edenstone Group is an independent, privately owned house builder working to tackle the housing shortage by taking a more flexible approach to the size of developments and the types of homes built. The Group is made up of four divisions: Edenstone Homes, Bluebell Homes, Edenstone Land and Ashgrove Partnerships.

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