iQuila and Cradlepoint Partner to Extend Core Network Services to Branch Offices, Distributed IoT and Mobile Environments

London, 18th September 2023 – iQuila, a leading provider of software-defined networks, today announced a partnership with Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions. As a member of Cradlepoint’s Technology Alliance Partner program, iQuila enables Cradlepoint routers to seamlessly extend Layer 2 connectivity out to the Edge, providing users with resilient, secure connectivity, regardless of their location. Branch offices, mobile workers, and even devices moving at high speeds, can access data, VLANs, applications and protocols, that had historically been compromised, or not available at all.
iQuila’s innovative Virtual Extended Network (VEN) software will be integrated with Cradlepoint’s routers transforming the way organizations establish connectivity. The key advantage of this collaboration lies in iQuila’s ability to provide Layer 2 (OSI model) connectivity. Deployed via Cradlepoint NetCloud, iQuila mitigates the fundamental restrictions that occur through cellular transmission to offer its customers direct connectivity from the core to the Edge.
“Cradlepoint customers are building networks that extend beyond the traditional enterprise or branch networks to environments that include mobile and IoT,“ said John Nye, VP, technology partners & alliances at Cradlepoint. “Solutions such as iQuila will help our customers remain connected and secure as their workforces continue to evolve.
“This strategic partnership between iQuila and Cradlepoint gives organizations advanced networking capability that has previously not existed. By leveraging our respective expertise, we are delivering genuine Layer 2 connectivity across an entire enterprise network that may or may not be  geographically distributed. IT teams will optimize their operations, enhance data transfer speeds, and reinforce their network security across an entire organization, no matter of their location,” said David Sweet, CEO of iQuila.
The integration of iQuila’s software with Cradlepoint’s routers and NetCloud Manager ensures seamless compatibility, making it easy for businesses to implement the solution within their existing network infrastructure. The joint offering also allows organizations to scale their network connectivity efficiently, accommodating growth and evolving business needs, effortlessly.
Through the partnership, iQuila and Cradlepoint can cater to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to transportation, emergency services, manufacturing, and retail.
About iQuila:
 iQuila, a leading provider of software-defined networks, is dedicated to revolutionizing connectivity solutions for businesses worldwide. With a mission to simplify network infrastructure and enhance performance, iQuila offers innovative software that enables organizations to establish secure and seamless layer 2 (OSI model) connectivity. iQuila’s software empowers businesses to optimize their network operations, improve data transfer speeds, and strengthen network security. Through their cutting-edge technology, iQuila helps businesses across diverse industries achieve enhanced network performance, scalability, and flexibility. To learn more about iQuila and their transformative networking solutions, please visit their website at

About Cradlepoint:
 Cradlepoint enables the freedom to connect people, places, and things that drive more experiences, more ways to work, and better business results — anywhere. The company is a pioneer in Wireless WAN, offering advanced 4G and 5G routers and adapters — controlled through Cradlepoint NetCloudTM. Enterprise businesses and public sector agencies rely on Cradlepoint and its Cellular Intelligence to build a reliable, secure network wherever they need it, connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, IoT devices, and remote employees. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Cradlepoint is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and part of their Business Area Enterprise Wireless Solutions. It has international offices in Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, India, and Latin America.

For more information about this partnership and the innovative networking solutions it brings, please visit Cradlepoint’s website at
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