iQuila helps ventilator manufacturer meet COVID demands

In April 2020, at the height of the global COVID pandemic, medical device manufacturer Penlon was called on by the British Government to immediately increase production of its ventilators by 12,000 units to meet the demand in British hospitalThe increase in production required the quick and efficient set up of a new ‘pop-up’ site, separate from the main manufacturing line in the factory. Fortunately, the year before, Penlon had installed iQuila, which created a seamless connection between the two sites in just a couple of hours, ensuring production could begin without delay.


Why iQuila?

Tony Serratore is Head of IT and Digital Technology at Penlon: “In late 2019, I set out to find a new networking solution for Penlon. Our VPN was outdated and slow. We needed more robust and secure technology as the business grew. iQuila was the perfect solution, giving us the fastest and most resilient connection. It meant everyone in the business had instant access to everything they needed wherever they were, there were no disruptions in connection or productivity, and we could maintain the highest level of control to ensure security and compliance.
“What we didn’t realise was how good our timing was. Just a few months later, the global pandemic hit. Our first challenge was home working but having iQuila meant that all remote devices had the same seamless connection whether at home or in the office so our employees were able to easily make the transition. We could also protect the end point in their homes with our own company security and push any updates to their devices instantly, ensuring we remained compliant at all times despite the changes.
“The challenge came when we needed to open a new factory site in just a few days in order to start production of the extra ventilators needed. We quickly secured a neighbouring automotive factory, which was closed due to lockdown, to set up our new production line. However, having a second site, which needed to work seamlessly with our main site, was a new challenge. David and the team at iQuila were extremely responsive and quick to action. In just one afternoon, we had the connection and the two sites were running as one.
“The tech behind iQuila is unique and impressive, but so is the service that we had from the iQuila. team. They have always offered us excellent support, ensuring we get the most from iQuila as the company grows. During the most testing time in our history, we had their support, unwavering commitment and skills to ensure we rose to the challenge we were set.”
Penlon is a world-class British medical device company, established in 1943. It develops, manufactures and exports products worldwide including China, Japan and the USA.

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