Protect your business with full control of remote device security

Remote device security

With remote working now part of everyday working life, end point security is naturally one of IT’s biggest concerns.

Keeping security tight on site is one thing but managing multiple remote devices that are being used in private homes and public spaces presents a whole new challenge for companies. Some of the key risks to be aware of include:

Unsecured wifi

Employees could be connecting to the business network through their own wireless connection in the house, or even through unsecured public wifi in coffee shops, for example. This presents serious security risks especially if they are accessing sensitive information. It is an easy – and popular – way for cyber criminals to get hold of confidential data.

Shared devices

Many people share computers or laptops in the home with other family members, whether they are meant to or not. This causes an extra layer of risk. Most malware is most commonly delivered via email phishing and social media scams and they are becoming more sophisticated. Whilst you can make your employee more aware of how to spot a phishing attack, you can’t guarantee that their children or other half won’t open something they shouldn’t, compromising the end point security for that device.  

Unauthorised applications

Once outside of the office and seemingly unmonitored, employees may be tempted to install unauthorised applications to their device. This is quite common, particularly if it employees think it could assist with their role. However, they could be exposing sensitive data to cyber criminals without realising.

VPN attacks

Attacks on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Cyber criminals scan the Internet looking for unpatched, vulnerable VPNs, knowing more companies have employed them to deal with remote working challenges. 

So, how do you protect your business when you don’t have full control over your remote devices? It’s simple. You get the only connection that gives you full control of all remote devices – iQuila.

iQuila’s unique design ensures that remote workers are the network, not add-ons to the network. This crucial feature allows the IT department to push protocols, including security patches, software updates and permissions to remote devices instantly, without any reliance on the end user or physical access to their device. They regain full control of all devices used to access the network.

It is a fundamental leap forward in securing and simplifying remote working, giving organisations the peace-of-mind that every remote device has the same level of security as devices physically connected on the main site.

To find out how iQuila can transform your business or to arrange a free trial, please contact us.

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