White Paper: Simplifying Security

Simplifying Security, SDN, and Hybrid Cloud Structures with iQuila

There are very few products that solve multiple situations as much as iQuila. With the expansion of cloud deployments, the increasing number of security vulnerabilities, and the amount of specialization to architect and administer these new structures, iQuila has positioned itself initially to answer security for remote workers during a time of COVID. The author’s experience with other platforms like GNS3 gave iQuila a paradigm shift into becoming a central strategic asset in building not only remote worker access to local resources, but scaling this solution between virtual data centers and intertwining these elevated virtual networks together to form an independent cloud solution using iQuila as a sort of back end ‘fabric’ interconnecting disparate locations. This simplified technology cannot be overstated. With this white paper, we will bring awareness to this latest technology, a high over view of how it works, and the author’s love of experimenting with this technology to assist local, state and government agencies to leverage the structures they have already invested in to create a higher level of networking the author calls the ‘mezzanine network’.

White paper


The scope of this paper will contain the following sections. Section 1 covers a high level overview of where the iQuila SDN software sits in the famous depreciated OSI model. The second section covers a real world example of an anonymous university in the United States that has been experimenting for several months at the time of this paper. The third section explores concepts this author is going to prototype and experiment with in upcoming papers. The fourth section are the contacts for iQuila should you choose to try these concepts for your own government, state and or SIMPLIFYING SECURITY, SDN and CLOUD DEPLOYMENTS with iQuila By submitting this assignment, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to abide by the Champlain College Academic Honesty Policy. I declare that all work within this assignment is my own or appropriately attributed. I accept that failure to follow the academic honesty policy may result in a failing grade or expulsion from Champlain College. local institution. Of course, the author would prefer you to wait until these concepts are fully vetted out in subsequent white papers, but if you wish to immediately dive in and build your own ‘mezzanine network’ and co-locate virtual networks across multiple data centers; then just mention “MEZZANINE” in the subject of your e-mail and send it to [email protected]

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