Why iQuila is the Future: Moving Beyond SD-WAN and MPLS

In the evolving landscape of networking solutions, there’s been a significant debate about which protocol offers the best connectivity. While traditional solutions like SD-WAN and MPLS have long been dominant players, iQuila is emerging as a game-changer. Let’s dive into the reasons why clients are increasingly turning to iQuila and why it’s a superior choice.

Low Latency

Arguably one of the most significant selling points for iQuila is its commitment to minimizing latency. In a world where real-time data transmission is essential for video conferencing to critical business applications, iQuila’s protocol shines. By focusing on reducing latency, users can expect a smoother, more seamless experience compared to traditional SD-WAN or MPLS networks.

Full Layer 2 Connectivity

iQuila’s unique VEN protocol encapsulates full Layer 2 data. While SD-WAN and MPLS often require additional layers or complex configurations to ensure secure and reliable data transport, iQuila simplifies this process, offering full Layer 2 connectivity across the globe. This means that wherever you are, you can count on a consistent, high-quality connection.

Global Scalability

Leveraging the power of iQuila Cloud, iQuila offers connectivity on a truly global scale. Instead of being restricted by regional data centers or having to configure different endpoints, by integrating iQuila Cloud, you can effortlessly provide global connectivity. This is particularly beneficial for multinational companies or organizations with teams dispersed worldwide.

Innovative Data Plane Mechanism

The iQuila protocol employs the unique concepts of “splicing” and “dicing” for its data plane mechanism. Without delving too deep into the technicalities, this innovative approach offers better flexibility and adaptability in data transmission compared to the static nature of SD-WAN and MPLS.

Enhanced Security

In January 2023, iQuila upped the ante by partnering with Quantum Dise, achieving 4096bit encryption along with 4096 bit keys to secure its connections. In contrast, while SD-WAN offers encryption, the level of security and encryption depth provided by iQuila is unparalleled, making it a safer choice for businesses that prioritize data security.


While MPLS is known for its reliability, it’s also notoriously expensive. iQuila offers a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on reliability or performance. Clients can expect a reduction in network costs without sacrificing the quality of their connection.

Streamlined Integration

With our strategic partnerships with Cradlepoint, clients using iQuila can expect streamlined integrations that further enhance functionality, simple deployment, and ensure smooth operations.


In the ever-evolving world of networking, it’s clear that iQuila is carving out a niche for itself as a premier solution. Offering low latency, global connectivity, enhanced security, and a slew of other benefits, clients are finding it increasingly advantageous to switch to iQuila over traditional SD-WAN or MPLS solutions.

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